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just another day

Today was alright. I got up to go to math finally. i was scared that today was the test but it turns out that its next wednesday. thank god. i have the weekend to catch up on two weeks of work. go me. i suck so bad right now i dont even know what to do with myself. then i just came home and slept, then went ot nutrition with Josh. oh Josh....

Then i get into a fight with my sister about her not even knowing what depression is, she just such a little drama queen who wants attention. i dont know what i am gonna do about that. i dont ever want to deal with my family again. i really cant. so that was pretty bad.

I Finally saw Dont say A Word today, i figured two hours of not thinking about stuff could do me good. That was the fucking best movie i have seen in a long time. Brittany Murphey was so awsome. i wish i could be her. lol i almost was. ok thats not funny but its true. anyways that was fun, but i did that instead of studying for a really important huge test i have tomorrow. what else is new.Of course i would do something stupid like that.

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