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nobody's home

so wednesday. thats where i left off. so i woke up and vito called and asked if i could bring him his work clothes so he wouldnt have to come home just for that and we could have lunch too. i had sooo much fucking work that day so i figured id get more done on campus anyway. so ken picked me up and dropped me off at ub <3 i got all my WS stuff done and then i met up with vito. we went to eat at subways...i got BK and we just hung out and talked. he was a little distracted of course but it was one of the nicer meals ive had with him in a while. so at 5ish we walked over to his bus stop and he went to work.he was actually being really sweet with me and we kept playin around at the bus stop. it was cute. so then i walked over to the CFA so i could get some work done there and i finished my presentation on my gay culture paper. i miss being in the CFA so much. i always feel so at home over there hehe. so then i went to class. it was alright. that one fucking girl in the class is so damn annoying and me and EMily always wanna slap her lol. there was good conversation on genital mutilation though lol. so afterwards i decided that it was alright to go out...yeah. Moo's party was tht night at the opium loung and we told him we would try to go so me ken and michelle headed over. i had like 8 shots of coconut rum in the hour before we left so i didnt feel very drunk. we had a pretty good time and then on the way back i was so fuckin drunk. it like all caught up with me. then me and ken did me and ken things and then i went home <3

the next day....i was SO FUCKING SICK. i thought i was gonna die. i puked till like 2pm. and i just couldnt get myself up out of bed. it was so bad. so i missed all my classes and everything. im so fucked. yeah what else is new. then friday i hung out with ken for a bit and then went home and cried a whole lot. things have just been so bad. like i dont even know how to explain it and get into it. im so tired of not being important to the one person who is supposed to feel lucky to have me in their lives. so i watched celebrity weddings for like 2 hours and ended up just not being able to breath and feeling really fucking sick. then ken called me and we hung out in his car for a long time just having reallyy good conversations and just hanging out. it actually calmed me down a lot and made me feel so much better. its good to have someone to talk to. then we stopped at michelles and saw her new cat maxwell. its cute but still pretty scared. then i came home and watched enterprise with vito. just when i wanna let go and i think about changing things he says such nice things to me and then i feel likek things will be ok. i feel so fucked up. i dunno. anyway then i got ready and went over to michelles and we hung out and drank and then went to the cont. i tried not to drink a lot cause i had a psych test at 1pm the next day and i rememberd what happened last time. i did a retty good job not getting too drunk i think.

and on that note im finishing this later cause im starving and feel like shit.

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