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patience and understanding

almost half done with both my papers that are due tomorrow. still got a lot to do though and i dont know how to bullshit anymore then i already did. well its not so much bullshit actually. its pretty good. but the point stuck lol.

i am also getting very sick. i woke up this morning with my throat so sore and swollen that looking at it scares me. its so bad that im worried. but i dont have time to see a doctor really cause of all this shit i have to do and then going home on wednesday. i can feel the stomach being achy too. this better not happen to me now.

im really excited about going home for thanksgiving. seeing my family and going to new jersey. i wish vito would go cause holidays are so important to me an despite everything i still want him to be there. i know it would help us. but yeah he is staying here. he was gonna go to miami or something, take a vacation someplace warm, but hes not. so yeah. it will be nice to see my fam. its always fun. and im gonna hang out with annie and finally meet kazy when i get there. i hope things go ok.

vitos at work now. hes been there all morning so ive just been doing my own thing. i guess its no different. go i wish they were.

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