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*i wanna be a rock superstar*

today was boring again. woke up at like 2. i had a weird dream about this guy i know. we were sitting by a library getting high. lol then i had a dream about my therapist. she came to see me and gave me this paper i wrote that i got a c- on. and she wanted to talke to me about something but i woke up before she told me. so all day that has been bothering me.other then that i went to church.ick.i hate going there cause i dont belong there. i think its time for my parents to get that i am 18 now and i should make my own decisions. anyways, then i watched a bunch of tv. jackass, x-files and Billy Idol on vh1. he used to be so hot. i love him! anyways, haha, i snuck online tonight thank god. i think i'm gonna get another tattoo, i just have to save up for it. i know what i want and where i want it, and i'll just go back to the place i got the other two at. tomarrow will be boring again. i think i'm gonna sew myself a bag and bedazzle it with studs :) I played more guitsr today and thought about y future as a rock star not looking too bright, but i love it and i have to atleast try!! right??? i wouldnt know what else to do if i couldnt do music. its my life~

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