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today was actually a weird day. better then i thought it would be, and then not. The morning was the usual and then i came home and took a nap. then i went with Andrea to go make my Halloween costume. We had such a good time and it looks really good. I didnt even know there was this whole costume shop thing in the center for the arts. I am so meant to be there. it reminds me of my high school where we could just sing in the hallways and you could see pople doing set designa nd walking around in their ballet outfits.
Then i got some jewelry from this cool sale on campus. i got an awsome ring and a spiderweb necklace. I also got a little star necklace for Andrea as a thank you present for helping me sew my costume. I went to lunch with my friend catherine who is leaving soon and then i went back to finish my costume. AFterwards we checked out the apartements on campus and decided that we were gonna live in them next year. they are so awsome. the only problem is by credits i am technically a freshman and you have to be a junior by next year to live there. ugh i dunno, more stress...

The rain and wind was unbearable today. we actually had a severe weather warning for the wind. it was like blowing me off the sidewalk, and then the wind was so hard that it was hurting when it blew againts my skin. when we went to Wendy's it started to hail! we thought it was the end of the world lol.

Then Josh and Leah came down to do RA room inspections which went a lot smoother then we thought it would since i have beer in my fridge and a pipe in my desk. lol so after that Me Josh and Andrea got icecream and rented Labrynth from Blockbuster. That is the coolest movie! i still like dark crystal better though hehe. so yeah that was my day

the thing about it though was that during half the stuff we did tonight, i was just not feeling good. i just felt like i needed to cry and nothing was cheering me up. I hate when i get this feeling, and i know what it is. I keep hearing that everyone is going home, and i wish that i had a good home to go home too. I am dreading going home. I really would rather just stay in school forever then go home.

now i am off to have a cigarette in teh freezing cold...i really am nuts.

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