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thanksgiving break part 2

so yeah where i left off. Friday i woke up very sick. i couldnt talk at this point and the pain was so bad i couldnt stop tearing up. so my mom decided we needed to do something about it. but then my grandma was starting to be in really bad pain. well not starting...but it was getting worse and so we decide to call the first aid people that helped her when she fell, and they said she should go to the hospital. So my mom, dad and aunt went with her to the hospital. i stayed home with my sister and philip and just lay in bed. i was trying to think of the worse pain in the world over and over again cause i dont remember anything being worse pain then this. so my parents came back and drove me to the emergency room. they had this quick care thing for minor problems so we just went there. i waited a while and filled out my info and then the doctor saw me. he was like oh my im surprised you didnt come here sooner. the infection had spread to my ears by now. so he gave me a prescription and then my mom went to go see what was up with my grandma. i was so happy that i was there with my parents. i cant imagine what i would have done back in b-lo. so then we went to wallmart to get my meds and we got a few other things. and then we went home cause i was feeling like crap. i just lay around the rest of the day watching tv while my family went to the hospital. i watched enterprise and it was weird without vito but then he called me in the middle of it so that was cool. i felt so bad i couldnt go to the hospital, but i was just feeling so shitty and i didnt want to give anything to my grandma.

so saturday i woke up and i think that was one of the worst mornings. and i was like wtf cause i was already taking the medicine and felt like it wasnt working. so once again my rents went to teh hospital and i stayed home and watched spongebob with philip like allllllll day. it was pretty fun. its great when you can share things with a 9 year old LOL. i was starting to feel much better though and that was great. the swelling was going down and everything. so at like 5 my parents came back from my grandmas and shopping and stuff and i decided to get ready and go with them... my grandma looked like she was doing a lot better. she was up and talking and she had color in her face which wasnt there before. so we sat there for a while and talked and helped her eat. then we decided to go to the mall. i got some cute clothes at jcpenny and hot topic. and i got the evanescence dvd which is so hot. and we just walked around looking at christmas stuff. i love the fucking holidays so much. somehow i can try and put aside all my sadness and just be happy in christmas. though its getting harder to do (eg. last night). Then i talked my dad into letting us go get pizza hut so we went there and kmart was right there too and i needed a few things so we ran over there while the pizza was getting cooked. it wasnt as good as usual which was dissapointing but it was fun and we watched a bunch of snl. it was rally good to be with the fam. things with them are so different now. i wish it could have always been like this. but im just thankful it is now :)

so sunday we packed up our stuff and went to visit my grandma before we left to the city. she was so sad that we were leaving and it was one of the most hardest things ever. she was so sad and she kept saying goodbye like we werent going to see her and i had to keep telling her that we were coming back and she had to be strong. me and my sister cried so much when we left. so we headed out later then we though and we didnt think we wouldmake it cause my sisters bus was at 3:30. but we made it just in time. then i went back with my parents and unpacked ad then they drove me to Annies house cause it was on the way to where they were dropping off the car. it wasnt too far away anyway. So yeah i got to annies at like 5:00, Kazy was there too. and we just hung out for hours playing board games and listening to music and just being funny and stuff. i had a really god time. it was good to see annie again. we watched the evanescence dvd and had a couple drinks and some mozarellas sticks. they are both vegetarians which works out well, and they are so cute together. made me miss being with a girl so fuckin bad though. but im glad they have eachother. they are adorable. snd their place looks awsome. so yeah it was a really good time. i miss just hanging out with annie. everything is so different now, but sometimes change is good...? yeah. i dunno, i want to go further into this but not right now. soooo then kazy had to go to work and me and annie decided we would go into the city. i did some artwork on their dresser first hehe and then we all headed out. annie and i took the train for like...45 minutes. we were so in depth in conversation that we totally missed our stop and ended up on canal street. it was a good time lol. so yeah by the time we got back to st.marks it was late. so we just walked around there for a while and then we walked up to 14th st. we had some taco bell and then we went to virgin megastore and just chilled for a while. they were laying coheed <3 then we decided it was time to go home. i hope i get a chance to see her more during christmas break and get to know kazy better.

eep ok. part 3

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