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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
8th-Dec-2004 01:15 pm
i read this fantastic J/D slash fic last night (i was supposed to be working on my 10 page paper, which is the BEST time for fanfic hehe) now im not one for j/d fic but this was amazing and it really peaked my interest. can anyone recommend some more goodies??? (i KNOW some of you out there can ;)

im such a dork :p
Felix- to the left
9th-Dec-2004 12:47 am (UTC)
Have you read any Jack/Daniel slash other then the one story you mentioned? If not I can give you a list of those I absolutely love(and some websites for authors I believe to be the best in the fandom...in my opinion that is *g*)
9th-Dec-2004 01:04 am (UTC)
that was the only one i read last night. but ive actually literally been sitting infront of my computer since 4pm reading nothing but jack/daniel fic. im utterly obsessed lol.

please give me your list! i cant wait!!! :)
9th-Dec-2004 01:24 am (UTC)
Okay you've asked for it! Let's just start small shall we? : D

This list will get you started. I'll give you website locations but if you need addresses please ask and I'll post them too. If some of the links don't work let me know and I'll track them down for you as well. Some of the stories on my list are older fics and may no longer be at certain locations but I'm pretty good at tracking them down. That said here goes:

1. My Country Tis of Thee - Sideburns
(Alpha Gate Archive)

2. Black Ops - Jinx (Area 52)
Payback - Jinx (Area 52)

3. Devil's Advocate - Biblio (JD Divas)

4. Covenant - PhoenixE (JD Divas)

5. Looking to Touch - Sideburns
(Alpha Gate Archive)

6. Wherever I May Be - Lunar (Alpha Gate)

7. A Beautiful Light - Babs (Alpha Gate)

8. The Course of True Love - Sideburns
(Alpha Gate)

9. Absolute Power Humor - Biblio (Area 52, Alpha Gate)

10. More Absolute Power Humor - Biblio (Area 52, Alpha Gate)

11. End of the World - Morgan


12. Pure of Heart - PhoenixE (JD Divas)
*I absolutely LOVE this story but it
is still a WIP so if you don't like
reading those I'd hold off. This is
a rather lengthy fic.

13. Heat - Alyse (Heliopolis REC-A-THON)

14. Don't Stand So Close to Me - Hellblazer
(Area 52)
*This is a very good story but rather
dark and deals with rape/non-con so
if you don't like that kind of stuff
then you probably shouldn't read it

15. Sinner's Grove - Martha
*This one has a new locale. I'll have
to track it down for you.

16. Street Survival - The Blonde Sheep
(Alpha Gate)
*This is an AU fic but very good

17. Into the Labyrinth - ELG (bunnyfic.com)
*I love this author! Most of her fics
are dark and mainly Jack/Daniel


18. In Dreams - Circe (Stargate Rec-a-thon)
*This is also written by ELG but
under a different name. I think
it's also at the above address but
again this is a very dark fic that
deals with rape/non-con and is
very disturbing

I'll end this list here and continue on another post for you. LJ has a word limit on replies so I'll stop there.

9th-Dec-2004 01:34 am (UTC)
I think before going into more suggestions of my favorites (can you tell I've been in this fandom for a long time? I even write J/D slash myself so I have a huge list of fic). Anyway I'll start here by listing the main slash archives out there that house J/D:

The Alpha Gate Archive


Area 52


The Comfort Zone




JD Divas


Here are a few slash author's websites as well if you're curious:

Joag's Stargate Stories


ELG's Stargate Stories


There are a lot more but these will get you started. The biggest slash archive is Area 52. Alpha Gate is growing as well. Enjoy!

9th-Dec-2004 01:46 am (UTC)
I'll list more but not all of them. If you'd like the full list let me know and I'll get it together for you.

Here are some you have got to read! (well in my opinion anyway *g*)

19. Conduct Unbecoming - Hellblazer (Area 52)
* This is another dark fic that deals
with rape/non-con

20. The New Toy - Sistine (Area 52)
* This is an AU fic. If both parts
aren't here let me know and I'll
track them down. Last time I was
there only part 2 was up

21. More Than Friends - Quinn
Tit for a Tat - Quinn
(Area 52)
* This is another dark fic that deals
with obsession and has some non-con
in it.

22. The Quiet One - Lady Grey (Alpha Gate)

23. Fated to Be - Sistine (Area 52)
* This is an AU fic

24. Echo of Freedom - Quinn
* This is another disturbing story
that is very hard to forget once
read. It is an AU and there is
some violence within

25. AWOL - Lady Grey


26. The Meaning of Christmas - Sideburns
(Area 52)

Those should get you started. If you would like more suggestions let me know. These are the ones I've read and enjoyed and hopefully you'll enjoy some of them too!

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