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I am waaay too tired to function today. i dont know why it gets like this. Oh yeah maybe cause we couldnt sleep last night cause the fucking wind was sooooo annoying. No matter what we did it just would not shut up. Then i missed my first class in which we were supposed to get participation cradit in. so much for that. And i totally slept though meeting Andrea.

so she wasnt mad, i juts got up way later and then we went to work on my costume. it is almost done and it looks sooo great. we just have to put finishing touches on it. so thats all i did so far.

It feels lonely without Josh and Andrea is leaving too. Plus Erica and maggie have been really buddy buddy lately and they ahve been really big bitches to everyone else. i dunno, isnt that how it always turns out with me? i should be used to it by now.

i think i'm ginna go sleep forever now....

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