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some reflecting.

today i was supposed to go hang out with annie and kazy but i just felt too sick and blah. and it started to snow. it was such an indoor day. i just couldnt do it. i was gonna go to TJ's with annie later on but she never got back to me so...oh well. ill see her next week hopefully ill talk her into batcavin it up with us. us as in me ken and michelle. we are probably driving down to the city the middle of next week and chillin here till the weekend. so that should be great fun. i hope. it will be interesting to say the least. well thats what best friends are for eh?

so i watched 2 movies that i realized i really loved today. the big chill and rockstar. im a sap haha. like we didnt know. these two movies are just great. dont know what it is about them. its just love.

And also, some people are just meant for eachother. like no matter what. thats what i believe anyway.

and then today i realized that in 2 days it will be 2005. how that fast. this year was crazy. sooo many ups and downs. so many its almost unbelievable. kind of like my sophmore year. so much good and bad all in one that it was hard to categorize it. thats exactly how i feel now. as for grades, i did alright. not too bad. but i stuck with it all. this was the first year i tuck with the whole thing and didnt fail anything. even got an A. so im very proud of myself with that. i wish other things could be better, but i just have to live instead of wish. its got to be something i really do this year. stop wishing i was somewhere else doing something else with somebody else. just enjoying the here and now and remembering that with each minute my life is passing by and im never gonna get that minute back. so cherish it and enjoy it and live it. fucking live it.

and never forget to have as much fun as possible.

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