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so probably my last post before i leave to nyc. we are leaving at 5am and now im nervous cause its snowing and the roads are gonna be a mess at night. ugh. blah. but we will get there and have lots of fun and hopefully it will take my mind off of stuff over here. vito got home and we just fought some more and now im so tired from crying. but i cant sleep. time for happy pills. blah.

i told my mom about my hair and she was like..."ok..........(silence) well as long as we can see your pretty smile its ok" so that was cool. the look on my dads face however will be different. lol

so i decided to get even dorkier and when i get back im gonna try to work on more photoshop stuff and lock myself in my room. living in my pajamas seems to be a good idea. until class starts anyway.

im really glad with the amount of comments and people taking an interest in me lately. and all the great new friends ive been making through here, through fandoms and all that :) *hugs*

so im off. wish me luck. im sure ill be taking my laptop with me and checking in. have a gret rest of the week kids!


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