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new years recap

so i never wrote about my new years. it was alright. we woke up late and just hung out for a while. i was on the computer for most of the day. then vito decided he wanted to go see a movie with these free passes he had. so we got ready and went to the theatre across from south campus. we stopped at mcdonalds and i got a burger. there were the weirdest people there. this one guy saw my rainbow scarf and he was like wow thats really bright. and then justsmiled for like 5 minutes lol. so anyway then we went to go get tickets and drinks and decided to go see The life Aquatic. vito wasnt sure about it, but i heard it was good so we went to see that. it ended up being really really good. vito enjoyed itto. it was actually very funny and we had a good time. afterwards we walked to tops but they werent open so we took a cab home. when we got home he got on the computer and i watched the new years shows and got ready so i could go meet up with ken and michelle and the continental. so around midnight vito came and lay with me and we watched the new years show together and then we watched the ball drop and kissed and huged and i cried lol. i missed being with my family and my grandma and my family and i hoped that things would be better with vito this year. so yeah. then i was gonna get a cab to the cont but they said it was a 3 hour wait. finally i got a cab company to pick me up in half an hour
it was good to see ken and michelle again. i hadent seen them since before christmas. so we drank and hung out and i had an alright time. it wasnt that big of a deal but it was cool to be out with them.

the next day i played a lot of spongebob uno with vito lol and then later that night i went out with ken and michelle again. i got drunk and had a really good time. much better then the night before for some reason.

so the rest of the week vito started work and i just stayed on my computer a lot. we spent some time watching tv together and playing lots of uno which was fun. i just wanted to spend time with him since i was leaving. of course on the last night that was a problem and he was just annoyed or whatever. and then wed we got into that huge fight or whatever. i guess we made up before i left but i dunno. i feel like he just doesnt appreciate me. he told me to try and not call him. so...yeah. its hard for me to not talk to him. like i just dont see the point. when we are not together i love to hear his voice at the end of the day and tell him how my day went and what he did. i guess i just dont understand how he could not want that. but i guess thats just the way it is.

then yesterday was a whole other thing which i will write about later.///

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