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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
10th-Jan-2005 03:20 am
alright so im snaggin this from duckadork cause its fun and im a dork.

For each of your fandoms, name
1. (worship!) A character you absolutely worship
2. (more!) A character you'd like to see more of
3. (destroy!) A character you could drop off the face of the canon/fanon/fandom, etc
4. (hit list) A character you'd like to have #1 kill
5. (sex list) A character you'd like to have #1 sex

1.scully (i had the hair and everything)
2.the lone gunmen. all of them.
3.ooh diana fowley
4.diana fowley
5.mulder. of course

stargate sg-1
1.jack oneill
2.well now a days...jack oneill.
3. pete shamalamadingdong
4.same as above
5. daniel jackson. oh my yum

queer as folk
1. brian
2. emmett. really they dont show him enough
3. well it would have been ethan, but now that we dont have to worry about that...brians mom
4. i love all of them. hunter i guess. he is a little annoying
5. brian. oh my yes.

dead like me
1. daisy
2. reggie
3. bettie. oh wait she did.
4. no one...hmm
5. mason. yuuum

1. grissom
2. GREG ;)
3. echley ugh
4. that new skank who likes grissom
5. greg. or nick hehe

1. willow
2. tara. god i cant believe they killed her
3. kennedy
4. glory
5. tara
Felix- to the left
10th-Jan-2005 08:38 am (UTC)

pete shamalamadingdong

and I thought my version of his name was creative....that's damn funny!
11th-Jan-2005 12:23 am (UTC)
hehe ;)
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