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i wasnt gonna do this

Post the first sentence of the first posting of each month in your LJ and that's your "year in review"

January: so i finally have time to sit down at my computer and write, we dont have internet at home anymore so i am trying to get in a few sentences whenever i can

February: saturday night beth and katie came over, i got some shrooms from michelle and it turned out they were shit.

March: so sunday night mike came over

April: i am so tired of drama

May: this weeken was fantastic

June: i am so tired... damn, and hungry, im trying not to eat though cause i am getting so fat.

July: so liz and patrice came over before cristina went to class, but she just dropped off her paper and came back

August: so lets see...saturday i made plans with a bunch of people so i had to figure out a way to combine them but i really only wanted to hang out with ken at that point so i met up with him and we hung out here a little andd then we headed over to the cont where we were supposed to meet mike, kevin and jill who i dont think ever showed up.

September: its september 1st!!! yay finally

October: but i fear,i have nothing to give, i have so much to lose here in this lonely place...

November: so maybe now i can sit down and write the huge post ive been putting off.

December: sooo tuesday i met up with vito after class and we went to see the spongebob movie.

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