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day 2 and i already wanna give up

so yes. today. went to campus with vito. i had myth and religion. it was alright. the teacher was weird but seems very cool and friendly. the work seems yuck though. then i went to my psychiatrist. talked to him about a few things. my social anxiety and drinking and such. he gave me more meds. yay. then i went to meet vito for lunch. he was nice at first but then got really shitty with me. its like he never wants to listen to me. ever. about anything. so i just apologized and shut myself up. then we went to the bookstore to get a few books and shit. i always hate how expensive everything is. then vito went to the math place and i left some of my stuff there even after vito bitched at me. and then i went to my cyberporn class. that was a good time. sat next to matt and met a few cool new people ;) so that class looks promising. then i went to meet vito and i sat at the math place while he worked. so i ask him one question and he freaks out at me, like how could i bother him while he was working. like oh my god. grr. so i just held back the tears and wrote this really long emotional thing down on paper. like a journal thing i guess. but yeah, it took my mind off of it. then we went to the library to wait for while he had to go get his bus. and he wrote me a little note that he was sorry he was so mean and grumpy, he was just stressed about work and stuff. so i dunno. he apologized. so yeah. then we went to get his bus. i should have just gone with him cause after he left i waited a fucking hour and the bus still didnt come so i just ended up paying for the other bus and then waited some more for the bus back to my place. 2 hours it took me to get home. and it was snowing like crazy and freezing and yuck. i slushed through knee deep snow. no joke.

on another note, yesterday vito got me heart lollypops and the nail dazzlers so i can make cool designs on my nails hehe. yeah i just dont know sometimes. i try not to think about things cause ill just have a total nervous breakdown.

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