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i really thought tonight was gonna suck. but it turned out to be pretty fuckin awsome. i forgot how much i missed hanging out with the old crown and how much fun we used to have. it was hard getting into it at first cause i was pretty upset about the whole ken thing. but i had some drinks and drugs and danced my heart out. they played all the good shit too. Amanda was there, and brianna, michelle, Mike and his gf heather who is really awsome. i like her a lot. then jill and skyy met up with us and we all just hung out and danced. i even danced with skyy who is an awsome dancer :). i missed ken, but it was like old times. then afterwards we were all pretty awake and didnt want to go our seperate ways yet so we went to eat at Panos. first time there lol. it was cool. so we ate and talked and had a wonderful time. i am so glad i decided to go out and not just sit at home on my ass being all depressed. friends always help with that.

i just hope my friends know how much i care about them and love them <3

tomorrow im going over to mikes to do his hair and stuff. heather, brigid, jill and skyy will prolly be there too. fun for all! jills gonna make me some pink and black falls with braids. im so excited! :)

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