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someone kick me.

god how did i think this was a good idea.

vito and i had to go in to campus at the same time so we left together and of course he runs ahead. so whatever it doesnt bug me anymore. so then we get on the bus and hes talking to me about something and joking around he would always call me "smelly". so hes like oh you stink and im like, no i dont, and hes like well your "smelly" arent you? and im like no. hes like, your not my smelly? and im like then he gets all offended and starts getting attitudy with me and im just like what i dont have an attitude im perfectly happy. and hes all like oh i thought we were going to be less intense...and im like yeah...what do you think im doing. so we get off the bus and hes all like, pissy and shit so hes just like bye.

so yeah. i was like, why did i even bother. i dont want things to end badly. i want them to still be ok. but he has to realize that my attitude is gonna be changed now. im not taking shit. and if he cant handle it then...well he wil have to deal with it.

so now im sitting at berts again. eating pizza that looked good but it really isnt. i feel so bad cause i bumped into this guy and he has like a little bit cripples and hes like oh its ok im always in peoples way. i felt so bad. i was like noooo im sorry. :(

i have therapy in thursday. i cant wait. god thats gonna be a fun one :\

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