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happy belated b-day to cory kreig =)

Happy Halloween everyone.

I wish it was happy. But hey, its early, and today, or yesterday i should say, sucked very majorly. I really had a nervous breakdown, but atleast i could cry. I hate it when it hurts so much and I cant cry. Thats when i cut the most. I wanted to so bad but i didnt. Everything was just falling apart on me this week. My entire computer crashed and i have nothing on it now. I lost all my writing, all my art, all my music. everything. I feel like i just lost my life. no one gets what a computer geek i am and that my life is on this computer... =( so that just stressed me out more then i already was. Plus i finally started my homework before it was actually due, and that was erased, and it was a huge paper for my linguistics class. So now i have to start over. An everything is just a mess.

I do look really awsome in my halloween costume though. I did my makeup really well and i got these fishnet arm things from hot topic and that white powder makeup. I also got this really awsome goth red eyeshadow and a bluish black eyeliner. OOh and i got this spiderweby looking bracelet. i love that store to death. i wanna marry it. lol.

Hehe, everyone on the floor hates eachother now. what did i expect? that i would have friends??? yeah right. well atleast andrea is still there for me always. Josh i wonder about but i still love him anyways. We are going to Andreas house for Halloween which should be fun. John and Andreas sister came up yesterday for the party yesterday which was non existent, but we got dressed up anyways and had fun. it was really good to see John again and we are gonna see him tomorrow too.

But now i feel like crying and sleeping for the rest of my life. I wish there was a way to just start all over. I dont want to be me anymore...

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