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oh blah

so last night ken came over and we hung out...then went to michelles for a little while. i grabbed some alcohol and downed some more pills. when i got home i was pretty fucked and sad and i just needed to be with friends but people were busy. i finally got a hold of skyy and jill and they picked me up. we went over to tali's to get some weed lol. and i hadent seen her for a while so it was nice. then we went to jills and just hung out there for a while. i was so tired. we just talked and stuff and jill read our cards. ah i dunno. i really dont know about my life.

so skyy and i drove back at like 6am. we were so tired. i just slept all day and missed my classes again. when stuff like this happens, people should be allowed 2 weeks off from everything. its just too difficult. when i got home i just wanted to crawl into bed with vito so bad. blah. so now im jus sitting around. i have so much work to do for tomorrow. it sucks.if i finish it all i might go hang out with heather and skyy. im just so tired.

i dont wanna get up. ever.

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