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wow, this thing is finally up. ugh, what a pain in the ass....

yesterday fro Halloween I went to Andreas house with Josh. It was great. We got dressed up and walked around her neighberhood with her sister and John. it was pretty cool and roadtrip like. There was a little tension but i think its just cause we are all stressed out.

when i got back home i worked more on my word journal and then went to bed. I actually went to anthropology today for like the first time in weeks. That tired me out like hell. Then i worked on my word journal for the rest of the night. I have this huge headache that just wont go away and i dont know what to do about it. Plus my tiredness is getting worse and worse. ick.

I got my cool pins today from the website Izzy told me about (whats the addy again??) so tomorrow is friday. i so cant wait. this week went by pretty fast and i did good in the managing department. i miss flickerstick though....

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