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you know i still care...

so... boyfriends, best friends, they leave. maybe they will come back. maybe not. i hope they know how much i really care. but im starting to realize that i just have me, and im a person whether i like it or not. and im sittin here, a lot better then i thought i would be. been studying and listening to music and doing a lot of artsy stuff. not too bad.

last night was a fuckin good night. hung out with brigid and michelle and had a damn good time. im glad i did too. i needed it. i danced, had happy candy, looked fuckin awsome in my new skirt :)

i love these people. to death. but i also have to love myself. and thats the hardest part. but maybe im getting there and trying to do so in a more positive way.

now if only i could concentrate on my stupid biopsych.

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