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days go by

oh how annoying. i am so done with drama. im tired of defending myself for things in never did or said. i know who i am, i know i am an honest person and a caring person and thats enough for me. if anyone else has a problem with me, deal with it. i dont wanna heat it anymore. i am totally removing myself. im cleaning the slate as much as possible and anything i hear from now on im just gonna completely ignore cause enough is enough. we are grown ups and it feels like high school.girls, sheesh. i dont need my name in anything, especilly mixed up with all kinds of shit i never said. believe me or not, thats up to each individual person. and thats all im saying about that. the end. :)

so ANYWAY despite all this shit thats happened to me recently everything is going pretty damn good. these kids in my photo class do pretty good work, its nice to see all their stuff. today was the first critique class and im not so nervouse cause everyone didnt have it perfectly done on 11x14 and foam core. so its all good. i went and bought some black backing anyway and ill work on that tomorrow. And my biopsych test is on thursday, not today. yay Lisa!!!! hehe :) on more day to study massivly is always good. and then i have a cyberporn test friday. that should be fun hehe.

i found 3 rolls of film today from like 2002-2003 so i dropped them off at cvs. one of them is from SGNY, like the first one i went to so there might be naked girls! lol. who knows whats on there. cant wait to see them. i was gonna have them send it out but i couldnt wait so i did the one hour photo. so m just sitting around waiting for that and editing the photos i have until i upload the newer ones. i totally passed out last night and never got a chance to upload them. ill send them to you asap Skyy!

so thats the run down for right now. today is mardi gras in b-lo...i think. yeah i might check it out. but i should be good and stay home and study lol. :p

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