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i want to kiss more girls in real life!!! lol

i just had a really weird dream which included keith (yes brigid keith!! lol)-something while we were inn a car. and then me making out with this girl i wasnt supposed to be with. we were like in her room and i think she was a lot younger than me. the room was my grandmas livingroom though. and then we were just making out and all over eachother and stuff. it was so hot lol. and then i woke up cause my house was freezing.

also, ive never seen stargate sg-1 season 6. ive always avoided it a little cause as much as i love jonas, i just miss daniel. but now im watching it and it reminds me of xfiles episodes. its weird. oh and Byers is in this one i was like ahh!! cool!! very funny. jack is like "d'oh i forgoet to tape the simpsons! its important to me!" should be good. haha.

anyway im waiting for the house to warm up so i can shower and then im gonna study and see what i can do with these damn photos of mine. then see about the mardi gras. woopeeee ;)

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