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and it begins again.

so im sitting here once again trying to study. todays test was blah. i studies sooo much and i felt like nothing i studied was on the test. but we will see. my photo project went great. i think everyone liked it and really got it. so that was good atleast i was so nervous about that. so tomorrow i have another test. and then the weekend. thank god. i need it so much. this week wasnt too bad actually. i put a lot of hard work into everything and i feel good about it.

i really miss some of my friends. ive been trying hard not to think about it but sometimes certain songs just trigger certain thoughts and it really sucks. and this week i have been really missing my grandma too. im trying not to think about it. i havent cut in a while now too. and ive just been studying a lot. good things. woo.

so saturday is fetish night. im really looking forward to that. it should be a good time. lots of people are going and its gonna be fun i hope. im a little nervous but thats just me being a poop head ;p

god im so tired.

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