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whatever tomorrow brings...

i just realized that i am a magnet for bad stuff. I dont understand it but its true. I mean, thats the only explination for so much crap happening to me all at the same time. ANd i dont understand people. well i never did but just when i think i might be alright with them, it all get fucked up again. I hate when this journal becomes blah blah blah, but i really need to vent. I mean, i try to be the nicest most understanding person, and it always gets thrown in my face. i dont understand why people feel the need to say whatever they want to me and treat me like crap and just go on thinking its ok. I mean, do i come off as a person that looks like its ok to do that to??? i'm just gonna stay in my room from now on. i dont need this anymore...and yet know it will happen again cause i always say that and i always let it happen. there has got to be a way to stop this.

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