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*something in here is not right today*

I woke up at 12 today. way too early as far as I'm concerned. I havnt been able to sleep for the past few weeks. everynight i can;t sleep till 5am. it sux. SO now i am really tired and depressed.this sux. My dad came to NJ today and so did my uncle. double yuck. i wish i could just lock myself in my room forever. I havnt been doing so great lately.

I got the union underground cd yesterday. its ok. not the best stuff, but what can i do. my sister is really irritating me. she is like one of those pop people that tries to be rock. i hate to use the word poser, but thats what it is and it is so irritating. she got the nirvana cd yesterday cause she felt like buying something and shes been hearing me talk about nirvana a lot these days. so oh my is must be cool then so lets go buy it! argh. drives me nuts. don't even get me started on her trying to dress like me. She really has no right and it infuriates me. it's just another petty little thing thats getting to me today. just glad to vent.

my family wants to go to the beach tomarrow. i hate the beach. i just wanna stay at home and play my guitar.:( i am so boring. i have nothing funny to say.oh well.

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