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its freezing in here!!!!!

Holy shit did i get wasted last night!!! i had so much fun though. i didnt really wanna go out at first. i was just sittin in my room watching buffy, but then i was like aww what the hell i hardly ever go out anymore. So i rounded up a few of my friends and we went to PJ's. Heather was there and she was so excited to see me which made me feel good. She was so drunk already, I was like, so you gonna kiss me again?? lol so yeah we spent a few hours there and like a million drinks later we decided it was time to go home and smoke. lol. so we got a cab, i dont even remember most of the ride home besides i was singing on the top of my lungs to every song that came on. hehe

SO then we went to michelles room and smoked up which was fun cause at that point i just cant remember a single thing. i just know it was fun and there was lots of loud music involved. how i got home? dont even ask.....

today i woke up at like 3:30. my roomate is still sleeping cause she is really sick. its about 20 degrees in my room. i think i'm gonnaget frostbite. lol time to go eat. i wish there was an icon for hung over...

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