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whatchooo want, baby i got it.

so i realized i havent been around in forever. just making stupid little posts here and there. ive been sicka nd tired and really busy with school. so yeah, thats whats been up. ill try to be here more.

my stomach feels like such shit right know. which is surprising cause i had a salad today. those are supposed to make you feel better. lol. i did have a huge coffee this morning, ya know, to make up for my lack of sleep (damn insominia!) and half way through class, a class in which we have discussed coffee and cafeine and it was anyway im like stating to get a heartatach and im like soooo jittery and we are loooking at photos of shopping carts. i almost died lol. then she says break and im like THANK GOD almost a little too loud and i went and got some water. good times lol.

so i met hailey today! woo! and i saw jenn twice this morning. and dee this afternoon. suddenly im running into everyone ;) i always feel like such a dork though. lol.

so therapy went pretty well too actually. i was happier today...despite the STUPID fuckin grade. and we talked about that, and life and vito and my grandma and my dad a little bit too. and if i ever really feel happy. and all the stuff going on, and how i cant concentrate and that i like dark and beautiful things. she said i have a flair for the darl or something. hehe. i was like yeah everyone says that. oh and the hottest girl was sitting in the waiting room. i wanted to say something to her but...i dunno why i didnt. i wasnt feeling shy or stupid or anything...i dunno. weirdness.

so yeah i hope i have fun this weekend. i really need it. i need a good time out with friends <3

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