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you are the perfect drug...

i was soooo sick today i thought i was gonna pass out. i really couldnt get up for class. So finally i woke up at like 1 and i felt like i was gonna barf. So i went to take a shower and decided to go to class with Josh. All during class i was just really dizzy and shit and iwanted to leave. So finally class was over and me an djosh got smoothies and came home.

I saw the cute guy i have a crush on again. ahhh he is so cute! he said hi to me yesterday but not today. maybe cause he was with his friends. Turns out on Halloween he borrowed my black nailpolish!!! hehe. gotta love a guy in nailpolish. i will marry i guy who wears nailpolish. =)

so yeah, now i am waiting for josh so we can go get diner. I really feel like shit but angel is on tonight so that should make me feel better.

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