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so here it is.

well today is just one of those, sleep till 4 and try not to feel bad about it days. i was like fuck. but i did go to sleep at like 6am making icons and shit. posted 2 at the usual places but no one seems to be taking. i hate and i finally finished downloading all of stargate season 4. woopee.

my dad called all mad cause i didnt mail him the last bill. i had it in an envelope and everything, and then vito put it somewhere so i lost it. oops. how do i explain that one to him without it sounding lame. and now there is an extra $50 late fee. grrr.

so lets see what else did i do this week. not much but shcool, project, school, project. oh and i went to see Closer with vito cause they were having a free showing at UB and we were still around at 5. it was a weird and sad movie. and sadly Alice (natalie portmans character) reminded me of me. i cried. then we got into a fight cause i got some chinese food sauce on him. but then we got over it and when we got home we shoveled the massive snow and then washed the clothes. it was a pretty good day.

yesterday i had my meeting with my photo teacher. she helped me out a bit and put me on the right track. a totally different track then what i was gonna do though so now i have to start over. good thing i have until thursday. but i feel better about it now. and then i had therapy where i talked to her about my sudden uninterest in everything im doing. she said i was very very depressed. i dont feel like i am but yeah. thats what she thinks. and THEN i had an appointment with the career counceling center so i can figure out this whole mess of my life. so i have to take some self-assesment tests and all this stuff to see if maybe i can find what im looking for. that thing that is so much better. and then i went to ITT with Vito to help him finish up there and be done with that stupid place. thank god. less aggrivation.

so thats the lowdown kids. tonight is SG so im excited wooo. and then its over cause i watched all the other eps, the impatient person i am. I must have watched Moebius like 5 times now. i love it way too much ;)

now im off to eat some food.

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