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Flickerstick CD and today...

OMG i finally got teh Flickerstick cd and DUDE! it is fucking amazing!!!! like i thought with the new crisp sound it would be weird but omg it is so good! and the coolest part is that the revision of the songs sounds exactly like they do live. like its not al to perfect tempo, its like Brandin is standing infront of me on stage singing it!!! I was so blown away by the incredibleness of the cd. And the pictures of them on the sleeve are kick ass! I am just sooooo proud of Flickerstick right now i cant contain myself.

ok so my day.. it was amazing. there wasnt anything that i did in particular that made it good, it was just one of those all around fabulous days that come like once in a lifetime. i swear i have never felt better (well besides the flickerstick concert day which was the best in my life!!) SO i went to class this morning which wasnt so bad! Then i went back to sleep hehe. that class takes a lot out of me. then i woke up and went to nutrition with josh which was really short today. then we went to get my Flickerstick cd and a cord for my amp and we just walked around outside. it was SUCH a beautiful day today. it felt unreal it was so nice. then we went to dinner at like the cool dining hall on south campus which i have never been to. then he went to meditation and i came home listening to flickerstick all the way. yeah my day sounds dull but dude it was the best. it was all about the feeling behind it. ANd Josh is so awsome. hes so like a big brother....hehe

Congrats to Flickerstick!!!!!


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