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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
Hieroglyphs and egyptology 
17th-Mar-2005 03:48 am
aight so can anyone help me out here? so when it comes to translations and text, who is actually the leading person in the field? Budge is pretty outdated this much i know...what about Faulkner or someone else? does anyone know where can i get the actual proper info? cause ive read some books in the past but im more concerned with accuracy now instead of just "oooo ahhh shiney egypt" like when i was younger lol.

and im looking for some good books on egyptology in general. meh.
Felix- to the left
(Deleted comment)
17th-Mar-2005 07:59 pm (UTC)
yeah faulkner seems to be suggested on the reading list of the british museum of antiquities and supposedly his translation of the book of the dead is the prefered one.

but yeah, its hard to find stuff thats actually good.
(Deleted comment)
17th-Mar-2005 10:10 pm (UTC)
oh wow awsome! that first link is the whole translation! neat :) thanks!
17th-Mar-2005 07:05 pm (UTC)
i wish i knew. i own a few things but even through multiple readings things didnt seem sensable.
17th-Mar-2005 07:52 pm (UTC)
which ones do you own?

(how the hell are you!!? i miss you!!)
18th-Mar-2005 02:27 am (UTC)
Try looking at the Downtown/UB libraries? I remember finding a couple books at those when I was working on a translation
18th-Mar-2005 03:39 am (UTC)
UB library like, the lockwood or undergraduate? i was gonna go check those out when school starts up again.

as for the other libraries its a pain in the ass for me to get to since i dont have a car. sucks
18th-Mar-2005 03:41 am (UTC)
try using bison to look it up for ub. and downtown should be pretty easy to get to via public transportation considering its so big
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