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*got to try, to slip inside the mind of a cloud*

Today was goooood! hehe two days in a row, something must be up. hehe. so yeah i woke up and went to class which was ok. then i came home and me and Andrea watched the buffy episodes that we missed.. then we were just saying how we wanted to see the musical ep sooo bad and her friend ims her saying that he has a copy of it on the internet and he will burn it for us!!! i was like AHHHH OMG!!!!!!!! lol so i cant wait for that tonight!!!

I have tons to do tonight though. I have to go to Josh's stress manegment thing that he is doing and then we have a floor meeting and i have to go see friends with heather. yippeee.

i practiced my guitar today, and painted a pictureframe. I'm gonna put a picture of me and Josh and Andrea in it. =)

ahhhhh Fletcher =)


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