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gotta buy the world a coke and lie here *naked* with my girl....

so much for good days....

I am so stressed and exhausted right now that i am gonna have a total break down any second. I feel like evrything is just falling apart and i am trying to hold it together but sooner or later I am gonna break. ANd then its like one thing after another, after another, after another. when does it end?? and i cant even go to sleep. I just stare at the wall....

I went to a stress mnagement thingy that Josh was doing today. It was cool and fun but it kinda made me more stressed out cause i started to think a lot about things. I dunno. ANd we had RA evaluations today, so of course Josh got good comments from me =)

On another note, i wsa listening to the Flickerstick cd all day and i really noticed how you can hear Cory's voice so much more on this cd and it is really great! like i know they made fun of his non singing abilities but i think he sounds good on the cd. its very calming to me to hear Flickerstick. They are like my one constant right now.

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