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tooooo tired

Wow, i woke up for class again. Thats twice in a row. hehe. I couldnt sleep last night for like, hours. I had sooooo much on my mind. And I have a test today...eeek

I FINALLY watched the Buffy musical. OMG it was like, the best thing I have ever seen. I really think it was teh most amazing thing on tv ever. It was beautiful and creative, and very well done. and Spike!!! AHHHHH!!! complete hotness!! and the KISS?!??! OMG i thought i was gonna fall through the floor and die right there. That was one of the best fucking kisses I have ever seen.

Yup, as for REAl life, hehe.... Me and Josh are working it out. It has been very weird and hard the past few days, but i dont know, i guess I am nit strong enough, cause i cant do it. I cant just cut him out of my life, even if it is standing up for myself. he means way too much for me. "I'm falling even more in love with you....."

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