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~*tiny wishes*~

Today i woke up late. missed a class. hehe what did i expect. But i really did need to go to this class. oh well =\ So yeah, i am up now and ok. Last night my roomate was up till like 4am talking to her boyfriend like really loud so i couldnt sleep. then she goes and turns on the lights which are really bright, and i am like what are you doing? its so bright in here. and then all bitchy she goes dont worry i will turn them off. I wanted to get up and punch her in the face. UGH!

but other then that stuff is good. Life is good fro right now. hope it stays that way. its getting closer to winter which is never happy time, but i will go into it positivly and hopefully i can fool my brain and it will work...

two days of school left! yay! and not yay! i wanna go home, but i dont. its very complicated. hehe ok well now i am off to tape The Faculty. god i love that movie, and Josh Hartnett =)

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