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wow, i have been on a violent mood swing today. I am feeling very homicidal towards certain family members. lol.

i got some more flickerstick tab just to see if i have been playing it right all this time. there are some cool websites out there. My mom is like why are you wearing a bandana around your arm. lol

i am so excited about the botr marathon. its too far away though! its like half a week till i see my boys! i have been watching the last 4 eps i taped over and over again.

so today we went to BJ's and later we are going to the beach but it is too hot to walk around on teh boardwalk. just way too hot. i wish it would snow. but i'll get plenty of that during the year in buffalo.

"wet t-shirts...YES!!!!" -Dominic
"Waking up at 7:30, 8 o'clock in the morning is not big on the flickerstick list of things to do" -Cory

kinda how i felt this morning....

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