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Ok so i didnt get to update yesterday like i planned and i just dont feel like writing down what happened over break. poop... lets just say it was fun, but good to be back at school again. i got some awsome shoes and some shirts from hot topic which always make my day no matter what mood i am in. And i got a few christmas presents for people which i love doing. Being in the city was weird, and i almost didnt want to be there. that is sad and scary for me.

so lets just cut to yesterday. I got back and slept for like the whole day until Josh woke me up at 4:45. then i watched Buffy and just sat around being hungry. hehe Andrea got back soon after that and we hung out for a while. It was sooo good to see her. SO then Josh stops by after his RA duty and we talekd for a while which was fun. ANdrea is thinking of coming to the city with us for christmas break. that would be so fantabulous.

Most of the rest of the day i occupied myself by watching that one scene from Buffy OVER AND OVER again. OMG i can die happy now. That was the freakin awsomest scene ever. I didnt see the rest of the episode hehe cause i dont get upn poop. but i got that one clip and that just made my day..hell it made my week!!!

And then Josh tells us that he broke up with his girlfriend. I dont know whether to be extatic or upset for him at the moment so i am just like oh...sorry josh! lol he is sooo single right now!!! I dont know what to do! i never thought i would even have a chance! but i dont know what to do. SO while i ponder this, i am off to class, which i actually woke up early for =) ahh! help! josh! ahh! lol

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