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last nigth i was feeling like total shit so i went to michelles room and smoked up. that was fun cause i didnt rememebr anything for the rest of the night. good to get away....

i woke up late today, missed class and felt like i was gonna throw up. I couldnt eat a single thing. I havnt eaten anything but a hot pocket for 4 days. i dont know whats wrong with me. I think of food and it just makes me sick. i went to diner with Josh and Andrea last night and I got a bunch of food but i couldnt eat any of it. yuck. i hope it just goes away or maybe i just wont eat ever. that would be great. i could lose some weight.

so i dont know. today is just weird. i feel kind of detached from everything. i burned myelf again last night. i was ok about it and it made me feel better. but i dont understand. i am not depressed, but i am taking on all the stuff i used to do when i was. what the hell is wrong with me?

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