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yuck again

woke up at 2. missed my morning classes. Josh called to go to nutrition but i dont wanna go. i cant go. i am not feeling well and talkign about nutritional stuff isnt gonna help much. the stomach pain of not eating is getting less and less which is good. I still havnt eat en anything besides the salad and stuff. yuck. today is the pizza party we won for having the best floor decorations at Halloween. I dont think I am gonna go. I was looking forward to it too, but pizza? ugh...

i really wishi didnt have a roomate today. shes not doing anything wrong, i just dont wanna be around people. well i dont wanna be around anyone but andrea. i hate people today. even josh...

i realized last night that i htink i am stillin love with my best friend. I dont know what to do about that and its really bothering me. Shes bi too, but right now shes all into this stupid guy who is treating her like crap. i really just want my own willow or tara. its so not fair. i hate my life. i want someone elses.

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