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oh fun

i was tagged cause i was bored ;)
1. Favourite scent: clinique happy and tahitian orchid by calgon
2. Favourite way to relax: read some goood smutty fanfic
3. Favourite movie you own: uptown girls
4. Favourite movie you don't already own: the sidewalks of new york
5. Favourite male movie star: David Duchovny
6. Favourite female movie star: Angelina Jolie
7. Favourite book genre: girly fiction hehe
8. Favourite clothing store: hot topic or delias
9. Favourite non clothing store: barnes&noble
10. Favourite Cartoon character: shake from aqua teen
11. Favourite CD you own: queer as folk season 3 (i think 3)
12. Favourite CD you don't own: coldplay parachutes
13. Pass the Torch to five of your LJ friends
yeah im too lazy too. do it if you want
Tags: meme

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