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its like almost 6am and i have to get up in an hour. hahaha no class for me tomorrow. i dont even know why i bother. I am STARVING to death but i just cant bring myself to eat. its driving me absolutely nuts. i did have a slice of pizza today. a very small one. but hey, better then nothing i guess.

I went with Andrea and Josh to the thrift store and to get christmas lights. They are so cute. So Josh definitly got back together with his girlfriend. it sux but atleast i dont have to worry about how to get him now. ah the little joys in life. yeah right.

so i worked on my Buffy website tonight. I am going a little Buffy crazy lately. but its ok. I found This tuesdays ep on a new page online so i can watch it with Andrea!! i am so excited! i hate not having UPN here. it really kills me. ahhh like my new icon? teehee =)

i want someone. i need someone. i really need a girl...

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