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So yeah, i woke up at 7. and hour after i went to bed. hehe. i thought i was gonna die. poop. I took a shower and left with Andrea but i couldnt go to class. plus i rememebred i had a test that i totally didnt study for, so freak that! hehe i am such a dork. I went to starbucks..ick, then i got the guitar world magazine with Flickerstick in it!!!!! I almost died!!!! ahhh Fletcher.

I am doing the weirdest thing right now. I actually didnt wear black today. I am wearing like normal people clothes. I feel REALLY weird though. I mean, i am totally decked out in like jeans and like a light purple shirt, and i have a french braid in my hair. plus..I AM NOT WEARING BLACK EYELINER!!!! ahhh!!!! death to the world. hehe. I dont know why i am doing this. This weird phase hits me once in a while. But dude, a guy actually checked me out, which just makes me feel worse cause that means people dont like me for who i am, they like me when i am not myself....*sigh*

SO i watched the Buffy musical again. I realized that I am totally head over heals in love with Tara. I know a lot of people dont like her, but there is something so amazingly wonderful about her. ugh, his is so like me to fall in love with a tv person. dorkfest all the way....

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