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Jack and Daniel- and the reason is you. made for fandomsounds

oh my god i worked on this all freakin night, along with making icons and all kinds of crap. i dunno why i cant sleep but im doing a lot of creative shot so here it is. i made a Jack and Daniel soundtrack hehe.

let me know what you think and if you download! thanks :)

And the Reason is You
a jack and daniel mix
a lot of these songs were inspired by music vids that people created and the songs just fit their relationship so much and i wanted to compile that into a cd. You know these two are the best of friends and you can see a hint of something more. and then some of the songs hint to the decisions they would have to make and how the world around them would react. enjoy!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

1// epiphany - staind
So i speak to you in riddles Cuz my words get in my way// I smoke the whole thing to my head And feel it wash away// Cuz i can't take anymore of this
I wanna come apart// And did myself a little hole Inside your precious heart

2//the reason - hoobastank
I've found a reason for me,to change who I used to be// A reason to start over new// and the reason is you

3//someday - nickelback
Someday, somehow gonna make it allright but not right now// I know you're wondering when// (You're the only one who knows that)

4//in your eyes - peter gabriel
Love I get so lost, sometimes// Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart// When I want to run away, I drive off in my car// But whichever way I go,
I come back to the place you are

5//make up your mind- theory of a deadman
We'll wake up, we'll make up and do this for the last time// If we break up, we'll wind up losing both of our minds// So wake up, let's make up and
do this for the last time

6//my immortal - evanescence
When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears//When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears// And I held your hand through all of these years//
But you still have all of me

7//icecream- sarah mclachlan
Your love is better than chocolate// Better than anything else that I’ve tried// Oh love is better than chocolate// Everyone here knows how to cry

8//we're in this together- nine inch nails
You and me// We’re in this together now// None of them can stop us now// We will make it through some how// You and me// If the world should
break in two// Until the very end of me// Until the very end of you

9//so happy together - the turtles
Imagine how the world could be// So very fine // So happy together // I can see me lovin' nobody but you. for all my life// When you're with me
baby the skies'll be blue// For all my life

10//always- erasure
Open your eyes I see// Your eyes are open// Wear no disguise for me// Come into the open// When it’s cold outside// Am I here in vain?//
Hold on to the night// There will be no shame

11//trying- lifehouse
Well I havent drawn it or figured out quite yet//But even if it takes my whole life to get to where I need to be// And if I should fall to the bottom
of the end// I'll be one step back to you// I'm trying to find my way // Trying to find my way the best that I know how

12//mad world- gary jules
All around me are familiar faces// Worn out places// Worn out faces// Bright and early for the daily races//Going no where// Going no where//
Their tears are filling up their glasses// No expression// No expression// Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow// No tomorrow// No tomorrow//
And I find it kind of funny// I find it kind of sad// The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had// I find it hard to tell you// I find it hard to take//
When people run in circles its a very very mad world

13//don't leave home- dido
If you're cold I'll keep you warm// If you're low just hold on// Cause I will be your safety// Oh don't leave home// And I arrived when you were weak//
I'll make you weaker, weaker still// Now all your love you give to me// When your heart is all I need

14//when im gone- 3 doors down
Everything I am// And everything in me// Wants to be the one you wanted me to be// I’ll never let you down// Even if I could// Give up everything//
If only for your good

here is the yousendit file. its all in a zip file including cover art and track list:yousendit

edit: HERE is the megaupload file if the other is giving you a problem or runs out :)

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