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Jack and Daniel- and the reason is you. made for fandomsounds

oh my god i worked on this all freakin night, along with making icons and all kinds of crap. i dunno why i cant sleep but im doing a lot of creative shot so here it is. i made a Jack and Daniel soundtrack hehe.

let me know what you think and if you download! thanks :)

And the Reason is You
a jack and daniel mix
a lot of these songs were inspired by music vids that people created and the songs just fit their relationship so much and i wanted to compile that into a cd. You know these two are the best of friends and you can see a hint of something more. and then some of the songs hint to the decisions they would have to make and how the world around them would react. enjoy!

a jack and daniel mixCollapse )
Tags: fandom, j/d, music, stargate sg-1

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