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SO hmm... i watched the newest ep of Buffy with Andrea, then i just kinda sleepwalked the rest of my day away. I really have no idea what i did. I talked to Erica and Tiffany for a while. That was fun. i miss them.

Things just arent the way they used to be. I really hate change. Some of it is good, but i miss the way things used to be. i dunno.

So then i finally went to sleep at 5:3o but had to wake up at 6:30 to go to Josh's concert but it turned out that he told us the wrong place and time so we just came back home. Now me and Andrea are trying to burn the freakin buffy musical songs onto a cd. obsessed much? yeah....

no food. my body is trying to commit suicide? i think thats what someone said. i am drinking lots of water though....thats good no?

Tomorrow we are filming for Josh's movie. I get to wear my Halloween costume again. yipppeee. except its sleeveless and i have to hide the cuts i made two nights ago. i hate this, yet i still do it. I wish I could just dissapear from this world.

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