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lucid dreams

sometimes i just dont understand the way life works. I really try but i cant. Like this week for instance. I felt like crap for half the time because I couldnt eat at all, but the crappyness wasnt in the mood, just in the pain. And then the pain went away but the crappy mood kicked in. now ifeel ok. i am still not eating but i feel better.

I just had the most incredible night. First I went with Andrea downstairs to see Josh and Jim and Matt who are also in the film. We talked about the film for a while and then everyone spread up. I went back to Andreas room but then she got a phone call so i went down to talk to Josh.

We just hung out for hours. And we talked about everything, like the fun stuff. I had never felt so good around him ever. and I felt like he was being so open and comfortable around me. I dont know what it was but it was the best. We were laughing so hard at all this stuff and he was joking around like a little boy which i love. And I just felt like we connected in that moment in such a special way. I know its never gonna happen, but it was just the best feeling ever. I wish i could actually find someone like that who could actually be mine.

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