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i am a star =)

Today I woke up at like 2. hehe. last night i was just feeling so sike and so weird. I was totally dizzy and seeing like evrything in slow motion and i just couldnt take it anymore, so i smoked some pit and made it all better. hehe. Then i woke up late but it was ok casue i didnt really miss anything.

So then I went to the doctor with Andrea cause she didnt want to go alone, and i didnt think she should anyways. She let me sit in with her while the doctor was doing the checkup. I was almost crying when they went through all the meds and problems and all that. See, i have known for a while that she has a bad diseas(not gonna say it on here cause its confidential) but it never really hit me as hard as today. For a moment I was like, oh my god, am i gonna lose my best friend? because thats what she is to me. I never say that unless I know for sure that they will stick by me after a long period of time. But Josh and Andrea are different. They are my best friends. I just hope Andrea will be ok.

So then we got back exactly in time to start working on Josh's film. It was soooo freezing outside and I had to wear this sleeveless dress with a net shirt underneath. then it started to SNOW! i was like OMG i am gonna die tonight. lol. so the filming went great. John even came over to do it which was so good to see him again. Then we went inside to eat, and i wasnt gonna get anything cause yuck, but i got half a cheese and garlic bread. I sat there looking at it for like 15 minutes really not wanting it, but i ate it. Then i went upstairs and threw it up. I just couldnt have it in my body. It was the grossest thing ever. Then i felt sick the rest of the night when we went back out to film but i had to do it. Ihope i feel better tomorrow. i dont think i can ever eat again. this is like day 7 and i am fine with it. so then we filmed and came back and now i am either gonna go to my friends room to smoke up, or go to bed. Tomorrow I have to wake up at 9 cause we are filming at 11:30 again. Atleast we wont be outside for that scene!!!! oh and Josh was really cute tonight. hehe he actually hugged me and put his arms around me which he never does cause hes always like oh i have a girlfriend. poop

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