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i miss you too.

so sunday me and vito hung out. i cleaned a lot during the day and then vito wanted to go to wilson farms so we got ready and we were on our way. on the way we ran into drew, this guy vito made friends with and he went in with him for a while. then they drove us to wilson farms. i went in to get a couple things while vito talked to him about drugs and whatnot. so then they drove us back and vito got stuff to party with. we did a little and then i watched the qaf finale. i was cryin and it was sad and it ended kind of sucky because well, they wanted to be so in character that they forgot about human nature. oh well.
anyway then afterwards i wanted to go to marcellas but vito realized he left his wallet in drews car so we went back and then vito got more stuff. so we ust hung out at home all night doing that. later on i was getting kind of depressed so we ust lay together and then we had some incredible sex. and then went to sleep. i slept well hehe.

the next day i packed some more. i went to ecmc for vitos therapy. and then he was down about that for a while so the way home was bummy. and then he decided to spend the rest of the day working on his own stuff and i was a little upset cause i wanted him to spend time with me. then later on he was crying and upset and felt really bad cause he knew he was gonna be sad when i left and that he was gonna miss me. so he wanted me to lay with him and just talk. we ended up watching Pieces of April which was really cute, happy and sad. but it was nice laying there with him watchin it. he has been a lot more loving with me, despite the few downs. hes just been more intimate. its nice. then we decided to go to bed but he promised we could go to IHOP before i left.

so then this morning we got up early so vito couuld get his moms car. he said when he tried to wake me up i was talking in my sleep saying yay we are going to ihop and getting chocolate chip pancakes and i clapped my hands lol. crazy shit. this is what i get happy over hehe. so yeah i got ready and finished up my packing and he came back with his moms car. then we went to IHOP for a while. afterwards we drove around cause he was gettin a little lost...but we found our way. we stopped at tim hortons cause he has to go to the bathroom and i got some cookies hehe. then he drove me to the airport. he was really sad and upset and said he was really gonna miss me. he was getting teary eyed and everything. i felt so bad. but we said our goodbyes and i went to my gate.

i waited there for like an hour and a half, reading a boring magazine and then we finally boarded like 45 minutes late. my parents came to pick me up. they were so excited to see me lol. we got home and my dad got pizza. then we went to gristedes to grocery shop and we got all kinds of fun stuff. mmm irish cream icecream. and then we watched tv the rest of the night. stargate was on hehe. so of course we watched that.

im so freakin tired now. i tried calling vito but i got the machine. i hope he is ok.
if its not too hot tomorrow ill go out. i wanna hit up some museums and galleries. but also not have to worry about doing this and that and making plans. no stress.
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