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the nyc rundown

so i talked to vito last night and this morning. hes bored and tired and blah. he misses me. ive just been chillin.
yesterday i woke up at a pretty decent time. showerd then me, ,my sister and my mom went to walk around the city a little. i got some super hair spray and green eyeshadow at duane reads and then we went to Ricky's. they really changed it in there. everything has really changed. lots of places closed, and new things are in their place now. but a lot of things are still there with so many memories. so i got another eyeshadow with my sister at rickys. i almost died with all the glitter hehe. then we walke down to 59th and i finally saw the new H&M. i almost died. everything was so beautiful. so we spent a long time there lookin around and i got some really cute stuff. then my sister boyfriend Mike met us there and we walked home. my dad made some diner and we ate that and then mike left. hes a really cool kid. so sweet and down to earth. and hes smart. all kinds of good things. woo. so that was good. i was lookin forward to meetin him.
after that we watched Spanglish. it was alright. annoyed me more than anything. im glad i didnt pay to see it. the rest of the night we just hung out. i stayed up till 4am reading fic lol. and i talked to vito.

today i woke up at like 9am. i was like damn thats too early but i couldnt go back to sleep. lol. i downloaded farehnheit 911 for my dad. he made some iced coffee and a frosen banana drink. those are always so damn good. my sister had an eye doctor appointment so she went off to that with my mom. i showered and got purple dye all over the bathtub lol. we need to get some bleach haha. so then my family did lunch and now im getting ready to meet up with annie at her place. we are gonna drink and party then meet kazy back at the village and go to the pyramid. i havent been there since last summer. that was a trip lol. so im gonna have fun with the girls tonight. should be a good drunk time. woo

tomorrow hopefully we will go to the museum. i really cant wait to see the egyptian exhibit again. then maybe we will go to serendipity, my mom wants to go there. good times.

its so hot out. i really dont wanna get all dressed up and go out. ugh. why does it have to be like 95 degreeees lol. well off i go.
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