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just a blip

god im so worn out and tired today.
its a blah day.
thats what happens when you have a crazy night. shit i didnt drink THAT much i thought.
i must have cause i was soooo drunk i can barely remember certain events of the night. :p
like i seriously cant remember conversations i had, saying goodbye to people. things i read.
its been a while since thats happened lol.

but then today i woke up perfectly fine lol. must be the quality of drinks here haha. dont make you as sick as the shit holes in buffalo. haha. no, i love b-lo ;) really :P

and then of course there was the whole, pete being the bartender. and he absolutely LOVES us to death. so we payed like $12 for like 10 drinks :P ah to be back...tis nice.

we were gonna go to the museum of natural history today. or go down to the village. but everyone is feeling blah. so its a no go. maybe later i can talk them into south street seaport. its so nice there at night.

i still havent updated on all the crazy events of last week and the weekend. damn....hehe.
Tags: drinkin, friends, life, nyc

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